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Tristen - June 16, 2004 Dante - May 6, 2003
  Yes, Malice's Restaurant is now defunct, in case you didn't notice. We have started a new superhero comic, aka The Journeymen, though.

As for the strip Dante's talking about, it was created and then promptly erased. You can only wonder what might have been. Later.

Oh, and Dante is not, to my knowledge, a rip-off from Clerks, but ask him if you're going to be a bitch about it.

  We here at Malice's feel that the Teen Slasher genre is on an unfortunate decline. Instead, Hollywood is mass producing films with original plots, character depth, and emotionally moving stories. But what do these movies not have? Teens being Slashed. We're simply trying to do our part to keep a corner stone of American culture alive. This strip also offers a rare insight into the real life relationship between Dante and Andi. What do we talk about when getting together for lunch? Homicidal Jackhammers, among other things.

  On a more "begging for forgiveness that we don't actually care about" note: we're all very sorry that we missed our normal Saturday update. What kept us from creating another masterfull bit of comic quandry? I dare not give all the details, but it most certainly involved a "social gathering" that included Tristen, a red dress, a disco ball, and pineapple ham.

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